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Sustainable Investment


Responsible investing is core to Deerpath’s investment strategy and is integrated into our investment process from origination to exit. We believe that a number of facets of sustainable investing help us generate strong returns for our investors.

An essential part of our long-term investment strategy within our portfolio is assessing the impact of Responsible Investment issues and opportunities. In 2016, we developed and implemented an official Sustainable Investment policy making a public commitment to formally incorporate the consideration of sustainability risks and opportunities into our decision-making process. In 2017, we became a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

Deerpath’s Responsible Investment Procedures

1. Excluded Industry Screening

Deerpath’s Exclusions Policy aims to exclude certain industries which we believe are misaligned with the Firm’s responsible investment objectives.

2. Sustainability Due Diligence

We integrate sustainability due diligence within each stage of the investment process, from pre-investment analysis to post-investment monitoring.

3. Investment Engagement

Deerpath collaborates with the borrower’s management team and private equity sponsor to ensure alignment on Sustainable Investment matters.

4. Borrower/Data Tracking

Deerpath continues to collect borrower data and monitors sustainability considerations throughout our investment in the company.

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Our Responsible Investing Approach

Responsible investing is core to our investment strategy, with sustainability diligence comprising a regular part of our credit analysis.

We have put considerable effort into improving our Sustainable Investment capabilities as we look to meet the increasing requirements of investors.

Sustainable Investment Committee – Comprised of Senior Deerpath team members to oversee our sustainability procedures

Specialist Advisor – We work with a specialist advisor to help continually strengthen our responsible investing practices

Investment Team – Our Sustainability Diligence review is completed by the Investment Team for all new investments and add-ons


Portfolio Monitoring – We are committed to responsible investment throughout the lifecycle of an investment